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Sweet Memories is all about bringing back the Good Humor Man.
Once a beloved figure to all he was a part of the community. The classic uniform was as recognizable as a policeman or fireman's. Good Humor has been selling ice cream with these classic trucks and uniformed drivers since the 1920's. Now only a handfull remain. I don't have to tell you what has replaced him but we want him back. (read story)

Our people are responsible members of the community. Our youth is represented by honor students both college and high school. One of our servers just reached the level of Eagle scout in the Boy Scouts of America. Our slightly older employees are made up of Teachers, Nurses, Business Owners who want to be a part of this revival. We sponsor all good causes and special events. We are friends of Little Sisters of the Poor and our local church groups.

Our trucks comes with a  state-of-the-art audio system. (We can play your music or ours) We can display your signage on our truck.  Our trucks have their own lighting and are sure to draw a crowd. We have a Classic 1969 Good Humor Truck. (Her name is Eclair). and a 1966 Classic truck (Her name is Almond). The ice cream is Good Humor's Premium line (18 to 20 selections).  A lot of our customers tell us that this was the ice cream they remember as kids. Our servers are courteous and uniformed and will keep the service area clean.