Cart & Truck Pricing

Pricing for an Event will include both:

* a minimum ice cream novelty order
* a Cart/Truck with server(s)

We regularly serve between 144 – 1500 guests in under two hours.  *Serving more than 2000 treats is possible with special consideration and planning.

Our Carts and hold up to 600 prepackaged frozen novelties.

Our Truck holds up to 2500 prepackaged frozen novelties.  

One ice cream host, can serve approximately 350 treats per hour.  Events requiring 350+ treats to be served in under 1 hour, or 500+ treats in under two hours, will usually require multiple servers.

Want to help serve?  For corporate appreciation events, we often have executive management assist us in serving.  We even have white serving coats for them to wear.

Ice Cream: 

Classic Novelties - $2.50 per piece

Premium Novelties - $3.50 per piece

Super Premium Novelties -  $4.00 per piece

The above pricing does not include tax.  The combined state and local tax rate for the city of your event location will be used.

*The following minimum novelty orders are required, based on venue location:

*  Chicago: 100  novelties

*  Surrounding Counties: 100 novelties

* There will be a surcharge for events where less than the above minimums are requested.

Classic Truck Package:   1 hr of service included 

*  100 piece Classic / Premium Ice Creams

(Price includes our Classic Truck, Server, Music System, Lighted Menu Boards, Lighted Umbrellas.  Additional Ice Creams are available on site if needed any uneaten will be boxed ) *   Gratuity not included.  Additional travel fee if event is over 20 miles may be required. 

Classic Cart Package:   1 hr of service Included  (Full Day rental available).

*  100 pieces of Classic / Premium Ice Creams

Price includes Classic Cart, Music System, Lighted Menu Boards, Lighted Umbrellas.  (Additional Ice Creams are available on site if needed any uneaten will be boxed ) 

The combined state and local tax rate for the city of your event location will be used.  *  Additional delivery fee for events in downtown Chicago and over 20 miles may be required.

*Cart Rental Only (no novelties) – Occasionally we get requests to rent only a cart, without any novelties such as for movie/commercial shoots.  We are happy to consider these type of jobs on a case by case basis, and pricing is negotiable, but usually will run approximately $500 per day during summer months.

Please contact us for an exact quote which includes sales tax and gratuity.  We will also help you pick your novelty items and plan your party.

Tax Exempt:

If your organization is tax exempt, we must receive documentation reflecting the exemption status not later than five working days before the event.  If we don’t receive this documentation, you must pay all taxes associated with the event.

Terms and Conditions of Service and Rental
Payment:  Our preferred payment method is credit card or to receive a check for the full amount at prior to the event.  However we understand that many of our corporate customers have a centralized accounts payable processes.  If so, net-30 terms are available on larger orders.

For larger events, Prepayment or a 50% deposit is required to reserve your cart and event date.

Cancellation Policy:
Services must be cancelled or reduced within 7 days of delivery date to avoid 50% restocking / cancellation fee.  Due to the age of our trucks we reserve the right to cancel any event due to mechanical issues or weather. 

Insurance Coverage:

We carry a full $1,000,000/$2,000,000 General Liability/Aggregate insurance policy.  If an additional named certificate is required, a $50 insurance carrier fee will be added.

It is your responsibility to provide trash bins and remove trash from events.  Several small, strategically placed trash cans are adequate for ice cream wrappers.

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